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  Rights Issue

Paratus Namibia Holdings (PNH) are currently undergoing a Righs Issue (February 2024) to expand its existing offerings by adding mobile connectivity and new core systems which, when coupled with the infrastructure that has already been developed and deployed by Paratus, will allow Paratus to more effectively and efficiently use its existing network to provide for customer needs.

The intended use of proceeds will allow for maximum benefit to be derived from existing networks and infrastructure, while introducing new technologies and services to complement Paratus’ current offerings in order to grow its customer base and revenue generation capabilities.

Paratus Namibia Holdings (previously Nimbus) has undergone a Rights Issue in July 2018, raising an additional N$ 103M. Please see Investor Relations section.

  What is a Rights Issue?

A Rights Issue, is an issue of additional shares offered, at a predetermined price by the company to its existing shareholders, in proportion to their current holding of shares.

Please find a factsheet, with more details on the rights issue, here.

  Rights Issue Video

In order to assist with clarity on the rights issue, Nimbus has prepared a simple video. Please find it below.

  Rights Issue Factsheet

Further clarity on the Rights Issue can be found in the below factsheet.


A Hall (MD)
SI De Bruin (Group CFO)
SLV Erasmus (Group CEO)
BRJ Harmse (Group Chair)
RPK Mendelsohn (Alternate)
GPJ Duvenhage (Alternate)
HB Gerdes (Chair)
JNN Shikongo
RR Graig

Reg. No. 2017/0558

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