Rights Issue

Nimbus has undergone a Rights Issue in July 2018, raising an additional N$ 103M. Please see Investor Relations section.

What is a Rights Issue?

A Rights Issue, is an issue of additional shares offered, at a predetermined price by the company to its existing shareholders, in proportion to their current holding of shares.

Please find a factsheet, with more details on the rights issue, here.

Rights Issue Video

In order to assist with clarity on the rights issue, Nimbus has prepared a simple video. Please find it below.

Rights Issue Factsheet

Further clarity on the Rights Issue can be found in the below factsheet.


DIRECTORS: Executive: Schalk Leipoldt Van Zyl Erasmus (Namibian), Stefanus Isaias de Bruin (Namibian), Morné Romé Mostert (Namibian)
Non-Executive: Hans-Bruno Gerdes (Namibian), Brown Yati Ilone Amuenje (Namibian), Josephine Shikongo (Namibian),
Stuart Hilton Birch (South African), Jaco Esterhuyse (South African)